Oh hai.

My name is John Nasteff or “Jovan Nastevski” if you speak Macedonian. A few things about me? Well…

My biggest competitor is the guy who challenges me in every reflection. I have a French bulldog pup named Maximus. My mother and two sisters are my rock and my friends are my lighthouses. My favorite words are lexicon and ganache. My least favorite word is beverage. (No idea why but please don’t ever offer me one.) I have been an X-Men fan since age 9 and still haven’t convinced myself that I can’t control the weather. Looking at our solar system always reignites my childhood imagination. Looking beyond it reminds me of my insignificance. I get excited by the small things, - opening a fresh back of gum, stirring cream into coffee and the sight of a waning crescent moon. According to, I’m a die-hard pluviophile which must be true as I feel the most creative on dark and stormy days.

Professionally, I’ve been an artist, teacher, dancer, actor, writer, photographer and filmmaker. With each new project, I bring them all with me; a toolkit of multiple creative applications in order to provide the best work possible. It gives me the ability to create worlds beyond galaxies with stories and visuals that aim to stir the conscience and awaken movement within the soul. Collaborating with other like-minded artists brings purpose and validation to my work and being. Nothing brings more fulfillment to my life than to breathe life into creations that were once but dreams. I believe in doing whatever it takes to leave some kind of footprint or echo before we create our last frame and deliver our last line. Whether they be for the next generation or a blip to be caught on a radar centuries away, I aim to make every project provoking and exciting pieces of work. So here is my ever-changing work. I am John Nasteff.

And these are my echoes.